Welcome to Stratus Software. All software on this page was written by Stephen. All software is Macintosh only.



7/14/01--I just wrote a collection of AppleScripts called FreeStuff.  FreeStuff is a package of 3 programs: FreeStuff, ExPand, and DADDIM. FreeStuff is just like DropStuff, except it's free and can't do Zip, BZip, or UUEncoded files. ExPand is just StuffIt Expander, except it's only 8k. DADDIM(Drag-And-Drop Disk Image Mounter) is just a disk image mounting program. You can download this package in the Useful Stuff section. (Only 76k!)

7/12/01--I just added a visitor counter! I just started, so pleez don't think that no one ever visits my site! It doesn't count my visits, so don't think I'm cheating, either!

7/7/01--I just wrote a new tutorial for GameMaker called GM Sprites--The Easy Way. It is in the Developer Tools section.

7/4/01--Finally, an update! CubeWars is finally finished, but I'm having trouble getting it on the internet. I'm going to try to get some more free web space from some service like GeoCities.

I just wrote a new program called GM VR. It is much like Apple's QuickTime VR, but it doesn't have "hot spots" and is much easier to make scenes for. There is a sample scene included. It is in the Useful Stuff section.

6/14/01--I'm going on a trip to Wisconsin on June 15 and won't be back until July 1st, so don't expect any answers to email until then.

CubeWars is almost complete,but like I said, I won't be back until the 1st.

A friend and I have conceived a new game, but the details will be kept secret right now except for people who will help work on it. If you have some way you could help with the development of this game(sound, music, graphics), email me. If you do, you will recieve updates on the game. This one will take the place of CubeWars as my best game ever(hopefully).

5/12/01--I have added some desktop patterns to the Desktop Backgrounds section. You need special instructions to place them, which can be found in the Articles section.


I just got StrataVision 3D! There is now a "Desktop Backgrounds" page and a "Graphics" page.

CubeWars is almost done. I added some really cool 3D graphics here and there.

4/24/01--CubeWars is about 80% complete. I have finished Part 1 and Part 2, and am currently starting Part 3. I need fresh ideas, so if you have any, then please email them to me.


--I'm working on a new game called CubeWars, which will undoubtably be the best game I've ever made because I spent more time on the graphics, storyline, and battle engine. This game will include my first real battle engine. You can download a preview from the below link.

CubeWars Preview

--I made the icons made with Micah Lanier's ButtonMaker plug-ins available.

--I have written an example of a battle engine in GameMaker for the Game Maker's garage. Download it here.

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