Documentation Tips

I have seen a lot of nasty documentation out there, but this article should help. Keep these three tips in mind while writing your game's documentation:

1. Plan

Planning can help you lay out your ideas and put them in an order that isn't confusing. Write down topics and then put them in a good order, like describing the character of a game after explaining the plot.

2. Add Details

Put details with the topics. If there are not enough details to go with a topic, then incorporate that topic into another one.

3. Edit!

If you don't edit, you may miss important errors that will make you look stupid.

Quickstart Guides

Quickstart guides are good for programs with an extensive list of features, and should just describe how to use the basic features and interface of a program. If a person is already familiar with what the program does and some of its features, they may want to just skip right to how to use the interface.

Please DON'T:

--Use bad grammar. This can REALLY make you look stupid. To see what I mean, go to and go to the 'International Version' and go to the downloads page. Get µWars. Open,'UserMan.pdf.' Then you'll realize how big of an importance grammar has.
--Use the same words over and over and over and over and over and over and over...
--Overlook typing errors. This will insult your typing skills and sometimes make words take on different meanings. Like if you kept switching 'life' and 'wife'...'Wife is the greatest gift, lives should obey their husbands...' you get the idea.

Please DO:

--Use correct grammar. Good grammar can have a big impression.
--Do everything possible to make your document look professional.
--Use a clear, readable, good looking font.
--Use interesting words.
--ORGANIZE!!! If you don't, the reader may become confused, like if you put the story after you explain the object of the game. For example, you would want to put how to use controls right after you explain the rules of a game, or when you explain the rules of a game. Subtitles are also very useful.